I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle

I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle

IMDB: 5.4
TMDB: 5.6

When a motorbike gang kills an occultist, the evil spirit he was summoning inhabits a damaged bike. The bike is then bought and restored, but reveals its true nature when it tries to exact vengance on the gang, and anyone else who gets in its way.

Released: 1990-07-06
Duration: 01:41:00
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Director: Dirk Campbell
Keywords: Claim In Title First Person Title Vampire Motorcycle Full Moon Parody Horror Parody Horror Spoof Riding A Motorcycle Blood Ritual Axe Shotgun Biblical Reference Campfire Crossbow Bowery Arrow Killed By An Arrow Shooting Gunshot Shootout Fight Murder Gang Criminal Gang Gang Of Criminals Violence Multiple Deaths Multiple Murders Massacre Facial Injury Back From The Dead Undead Burned Face Burn Burned Hand Hand Injury Blood As Fuel Fuel Blood Fueled Vehicle Blood Fueled Motorcycle Possession Howling Demonic Possession Satanism Satanist Blood In Fuel Tank Buying A Motorcycle Selling A Motorcycle Motorcycle For Sale Telephone Call Messenger Van Reference To Albert Einstein Milkman Alarm Clock Sleeping Shirtless Bare Chested Male Seductive Behavior Long Haired Male Dispatch Dispatcher F Word Police Investigation Investigation Police Old Woman Detective Police Detective Mysterious Event Body Identification Identification Disembodied Head Human Head Witness Garlic Mechanic Garage Petrolhead Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Head Cut Off Decapitation Coworker Coworker Relationship Petrol Spilled Drink Spilled Tea Drinking Tea Wet Clothes Possessed Vehicle Possessed Motorcycle Flashback Hallucination Drinking From A Bottle Marijuana Visit Visitor Dark Comedy Bad Breath Scream Screaming Man Talking Human Head Waking Up Screaming Rear Nudity Talking Excrement Excrement Excrement Comes To Life Sitting On A Toilet Creature Character's Point Of View Camera Shot Excrement In Mouth Dog Urine Urination Killing A Dog Motorcycle Comes To Life Cemetery Coffin Funeral Loss Of Friend Carrying A Coffin Biker Biker Gang Old Man Walking With A Can Hit By A Car Biblical Quotation Camera Shot From Inside A Grave Grave Priest Traffic Accident Accident Talking To A Motorcycle Reference To God Speech Bar Bartender Pub Criminal Shot With An Arrow Drinking Beer Burping Playing Pool Bully Bullying Reference To Penis Size Bar Fight Male Female Fight Violent Man Sword Sword Fight Armor Restaurant Camera Shot Of Feet Swinging From A Chandelier Breaking A Glass Broken Glass Breaking A Glass Over Someone's Head Swinging Chandelier Escape Escape Out A Window Arm Injury Chinese Restaurant Fast Food Chinese In Europe Asian In Europe Chinese In The Uk Silent Character Screaming Woman Crucifix Reference To Jesus Christ Hooligan Threatened With An Axe Psychopath Leg Injury Graffiti Graffiti Artist Spurting Blood Sandwich Stabbing Vomiting Male Vomiting Human Versus Machine Stretcher Headless Dead Body Butt Injury Hospital Reception Handcuffs Following Someone Being Followed Interrogation Police Interrogation Spitting Spitting On The Floor Murder Suspect Hospital Room Police Station Murder Investigation Police Car Wheelchair Broken Arm Broken Leg Nurse Repeated Event False Teeth Lost False Teeth Toothless Man Disembodied Hand Hand Cut Off Beaten By Police Police Brutality Hand Bitten Off Beating Anthropomorphic Motorcycle Anthropomorphic Vehicle Leg Bitten Off Leg Cut Off Disembodied Leg Church Climbing Over A Fence Sign Of The Cross Confession Booth Vampire Disbelief Finger Cut Off Finger Injury Disembodied Finger Possessed Machine Hand Bandage Exorcism Bruise Christianity Holy Water Killing A Fly Statue Bus Vampire Hunter Anthropomorphization Anthropomorphic Machine Exorcist Candle Demon Bell Bible Stigma Screwdriver Crucified Man Crucifixion Reference To The Holy Trinity Metamorphosis Latch On The Run Transformation Phone Booth Stolen Motorcycle Stolen Police Motorcycle Caught Stealing Chase Domineering Wife Traffic Police Traffic Policeman Reference To Devil Protection Necklace Police Motorcycle Washing Someone Broken Window Breaking A Window Campy Entering Through A Window Female Vomiting Dead Body Gore Bossy Nurse Slow Motion Scene Funeral Service Bridge Jump Scare Lighting A Cigarette Crying For Help Gym Workout Barricading A Door Barricaded Door Spike Subjective Camera Machine Tank Top Murderer's Point Of View Fish Eye Lens Camera Shot Killer Machine Solarium Bodybuilder Destroyed Motorcycle Blood Drop Rage Mute Character Broken Motorcycle Arrest Man Wears A Tank Top Man Wears Eyeglasses Smoking Marijuana Cigarette Smoking Apology Bloodstain Housefly Meanness Eulogy Psychotronic Film Beheading Bloody Face Bloody Hands Breaking And Entering Knocking On A Door Punched In The Face Facial Scar Five Word Title Grindhouse Film Absurd Humor Female Police Officer Camera Shot From Inside A Toilet Male Police Officer Police Officer Parody Comedy Spoof Toilet Humor Creature Feature Lavatory Bowl Motorcycle Talking Turd Death Of Friend Independent Film

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