SassyFlix | Killer Tomatoes Strike Back!

Killer Tomatoes Strike Back!

  • PG
  • 1991-11-14
  • 01:27:00
4/ 10
2415 votes


Police assistant Lance Boyle is a childish detective who is lumbered with worthless police cases. However, after several murders in a nearby wood that concern Killer Tomatoes, Lance finds himself working alongside Kennedy Johnson, a Tomatologist, to solve the murders.

Nearby, Professor Mortimer Gangreen (John Astin) has begun using subliminal mind control on his talk show, disguised as talk show host Jeronahew. After kidnapping members of the Press and Media, Gangreen and his assistant Igor plot to use his brainwashed Press members, as well as the Subliminal Mind control, to overpower the human race and make the world a planet run by himself and his killer tomatoes.

Following countless killer tomatoes attacks, Lance and Kennedy finally reach Gangreen's hideout, where they must pit themselves against killer tomatoes, brainwashed newsreaders and a giant Bacon, Lettuce and Human sandwich, of which Kennedy may be a part. With help from FT, (Fuzzy Tomato, from Return of the Killer Tomatoes) Lance rescues Kennedy and Gangreen is defeated, left at the mercy of the hungry killer tomatoes.