SassyFlix | Take Me Naked

Take Me Naked

  • NR
  • 1966-10-21
  • 01:09:00
4/ 10
168 votes


A troubled homeless man (mangy Kevin Sullivan) develops an unhealthy fixation on a comely young woman (buxom eyeful Roberta Findlay, who has quite the cute overbite) who likes to walk around her grimy Manhattan apartment in the buff.

The unbeatable sleaze cinema duo of Michael and Roberta Findlay go all-out bizarre artsy-fartsy with this one: The solemn poetic and philosophical narration, great footage of dirty'n'dingy 1960's New York City in all its superbly seedy splendor, incessant gloomy tone, gauzy black and white cinematography, hypnotically glacial pacing, spare moody score, and startling bummer ending all astutely nail the despair, bleakness, and alienation of modern urban living and thus project a marvelously bleak'n'heady existential vibe.

Moreover, the abundant nudity, voyeurism, lesbianism, and even a dab of truly unpleasant climactic necrophilia give this freaky affair an extra twisted and perverse kick. 60's skinflick regulars June Roberts and Darlene Bennett both look mighty yummy sans clothes. A deliciously scuzzy oddball pip.