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The Amazons

  • R
  • 1973-12-15
  • 01:40:00
6/ 10
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Action, Adventure, Drama

A story of a tribe of Amazons in the age of swords and chariots. The film opens with the tribe holding physical contests to select a new queen. Since there are no men in the tribe, they hire men from another nation once a year. After the queen is crowned, the Amazons go to meet a group of Greek soldiers for their annual mating. The king of the Greeks pretends to be a captain and has sex with the queen. Much to the queen's dismay, she quite enjoys having sex with a man. The king recommends to the queen a certain way back home, not knowing there is another tribe of male warriors waiting in ambush. On the way back to their homes, the Amazons are attacked, and they drive off the men. Once home, they decide to pillage the villages of the tribe that ambushed them. The queen bears a male child, who she thinks is left out to die, as male children are not wanted by the Amazons. The queen arranges for another meeting with the Greeks to mate again and also kill them in revenge for their perceived roll in setting up the ambush. But the queen is again overcome with lust. The king tells her that he had their son rescued, and she slips out of the tent with him to go see the child. The other Amazons think she's been kidnapped, and they chase after her and have a battle with the Greeks.


Beautiful and outrage women.

First: this movie is from 1973 and not 1974. The sequel is made in 1974 "Amazzoni - donne d'amore e di guerra, Le" and not in 1973. There is also an third movie, a comedy made in 1975.

The movie "Guerriere dal seno nudo, Le" have I seen in the cinema when I was 15 years old. At that time the movie was rated 18 years but lucky that I get in. Why this movie was rated 18 years have I never understood. You don't see any pornography or parts of human body in blood. But maybe the idea that the Amazon women must killed the men after they have mate. Also they killed the babies when it's a boy but you don't see anything.

It's now 30 years later that I've seen the movie but still it's in my mind. The beautiful women who fight in a training camp and battle against men. Never have I seen so professional women fighters as in this movie. They fight with sword and are dressed in a erotic war clothes. There a an lot of Latin look-a-like women in this movie and is a pleasant to see them. The sexual parts of the movie are not very great. You see some parts of nudity and that's it. Enough to see the movie with your children if you want to tell them how children became to this world.

The 2 sequels of this movie: The second is poor follow-up and have not satisfy me. It go about killing more men without any reasons. The third is great but have an another kind of genre. It's a comedy about an karate fighter and a large men who come in the area of the Amazon women. In a funny style they fight against the Amazon women. It have impressed me not very much. IF SOMEONE KNOW THE TITTLE OF THE THIRD MOVIE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Highly erotic

The storyline is rather stupid, with the silly anti-Women's Lib back ground (women can not do without men, see…). But the movie in its original full unrated version contains two or three of the most erotic soft core lesbian scenes ever. The women are strong but very good looking (this was shot before any silicon stuff came to pollute nudity). The camera work is of course excellent (director Terence Young). The first memorable scene consists of a topless oil wrestling fight to decide who the next queen will be. There is also a long savage nude fight with the same competitors which ends with cute kissing. This probably the only mainstream movie to picture women wrestling with a strong erotic overtone.

"War Goddess" Depicts Realistic Amazon Warfare

Warning: Spoilers

"War Goddess", a 70's vintage sword-and-sandal movie that depicts life in a strong Amazon nation, is worth watching for two reasons. First, although it was remastered onto DVD from several VHS versions, it does a good job explaining how an Amazon becomes a warrior, how the nation was ruled, and, how the Amazon army fought.

Unlike other Amazon movies that portrayed women warriors as bimbos or inaccurately dressed with little fighting skills, "War Goddess" depicts women dressed as a warrior should be dressed, with the light leather armor of the time. And, you will be most impressed with the three battle scenes that show a high amount of training in horsemanship, throwing the javelin, and fencing with the short sword. Sadly, they aren't shown wielding the labrys and their shields are round and not half-moon. But, their bravery and ferociousness in battle are great examples of what a real Amazon of the Bronze Age would be like.

There is some gratuitous nudity which I didn't' care for, but overall, this movie was fantastic.

Lots and lots of chicks and loads of flesh.

Warning: Spoilers

I would say that this otherwise acceptable bit of sword and sandals with a feminine twist ( and loads of wholesome female flesh) was spoilt by the rather weak and disappointing ending.

I loved the two fight scenes between the two rivals for the four year term of office as queen (!!) especially the second and nude fight which led to a tender reconciliation between them.

But it was marred for me by the way the men had to get their own way in the end. Shame!

I only recently obtained the DVD of this old movie after looking out for it for a while. It's a bit scrappy in parts, but worth watching. I suspect some scenes have been lost altogether.

It's a shame there isn't more of this escapist stuff out there full of voluptuous bimbos! As another reviewer has said, the fight scenes are very well done.

An immensely entertaining female warrior romp

Warning: Spoilers

Fiery Antiope (well played with admirable gusto by gorgeous blonde stunner Alena Johnston) becomes queen of a mighty tribe of formidable Amazon women and enforces a strict code to keep them strong. Bitter rival Oreitheia (a suitably fierce portrayal by lovely brunette Sabine Sun) tries to have Antiope dethroned. Further complications ensue when Antiope has to mate with charming and noble Greek king Theseus (an engaging performance by Angelo Infanti) and winds up falling in love with him. Director Terence Young relates this wild and melodramatic tale of savage conflict and inflammatory passions at a swift pace, stages the exciting battle sequences with considerable aplomb, and loads this flick with a pleasing plenitude of tasty bare distaff skin (the definite highlight occurs when Antiope and Oreitheia participate in a ferocious anything-goes catfight clad solely in their birthday suits!). Moreover, we also get a few vigorous rough'n'ready swordfights, a memorably steamy wrestling match between two delectable half-nude honeys, and even a little lesbianism to further spice up the already delicious cinematic brew. Of course, having such luscious ladies as Helga Line, Rosanna Yanni, Malisa Longo, and Luciana Paluzzi in sizable supporting roles doesn't hurt matters in the least. The expansive cinematography by Aldo Tonti and Alejandro Ulloa gives the picture an impressively massive sense of scope. Riz Ortolani's full-bore robust'n'rousing orchestral score likewise hits the stirring spot. A really fun flick.

The best movie about Amazons I've seen this week

Warning: Spoilers

I can't believe I've watched two Italian Amazon movies in one week. How much cheese can one person stand? Compared with Battle of the Amazons, however, War Goddess comes out the clear winner. I actually enjoyed the movie much more than I probably should have. War Goddess tells the story of the Amazons selecting a new Queen through competition. Once selected, the Amazons prepare themselves for their annual visit to a nearby army for the purposes of mating. Love with a man is forbidden – procreation is the only purpose for these visits. But the new Queen does fall in love and ends up risking her empire for the sake of a man.

I suppose I could go on and on pointing out the good and the bad of the acting, the fight scenes, technical aspects, the score, the decision not to take the subject matter too seriously, or any number of other things one generally discusses when writing a user comment. And while I actually found this movie above average in many respects (probably due to Terence Young's direction as much as anything), something tells me that's not the reason the average person sits down to watch War Goddess. As unbelievable as this may be, the real draw is . . . hold on . . . are you ready for it . . . NUDE AMAZON WRESTLING! Shocking, huh? Imagine that, the real attraction is a couple of well-built, nice-looking females engaged in NUDE AMAZON WRESTLING! War Goddess features two – that's right, two – very nice scenes of NUDE AMAZON WRESTLING! If that's not your thing (and I don't understand why it wouldn't be), the rest of the movie isn't that bad. But who cares when there's NUDE AMAZON WRESTLING!

Bare breasts and a lot of talk

If you want to see some naked women, riding horses, throwing spears, female warriors fighting each other or with men, or Angelo Infanti eating an apple in almost any scene, this is the film for you. A pile of barren beauty contest and they gave for making this film. There is even a pathetic ballet scene that takes place in a cave. The whole movie is boring. Except maybe the fighting scene between Antiope(Alena Johnston, a beautiful blonde) and Orytheia(a not so beautiful Sabine Sun but, she was the wife of the director, Terence Young). Luciana Paluzzi, the beautiful Fiona from Thunderball(directed by the same Terence Young), has a small role as Phaedra . Riz Ortolani's music (which is very talented) is not great in this one.