SassyFlix | The Erotic Adventures of Zorro

The Erotic Adventures of Zorro

  • NR
  • 1972-11-09
  • 01:38:00
4/ 10
320 votes

Action, Adventure, Comedy

The First Movie Rated "Z"!

When evil tyrant Luis Bonasario enslaves the people of 19th century L.A., Don Diego de Vega (Douglas Frey), "The Greatest swordsman in Spain" returns from Madrid to make the world sage for truth, justice and naked women!

Posing as a limp-wristed pansy by day (who rides a white donkey while clutching a parasol), Don Diego secretly becomes Zorro at night, "brandishing his long, quick rapier!" When he's not helping the oppressed, fighting duels, or slashing the letter "Z" into derrieres, Zorro is busy bedding down a gaggle of gorgeous senoritas until he zeros in on Maria (Robyn Whitting), Bonasario's lovely niece.