The Lost Empire

The Lost Empire

IMDB: 6.9

A police officer and her two companions battle an evil genius with diabolical plans to destroy the world. Whoever can find the three sacred jewels can anticipate total power.

Released: 1984-06-22
Duration: 01:23:00
Director: Jim Wynorski
Writer: Jim Wynorski
Keywords: Heroine Native American Woman Action Heroine Women's Showers Woman In A Shower Female Nudity Female Rear Nudity Native American Prison Female Warrior Sword And Sorcery Nudity Evil Wizard Arena Combat Female Protagonist Gorilla Motorcycle Clothes Ripped Off Nipple Slip Woman On Top Sex Island Jewel Statue Prologue Tarantula Chinatown Sword Fight Catfight Undead Evil Cult Training Course Female Outlaw Blood Kicked In The Groin Breaking Someone's Neck Skeleton Restaurant Death Game Hundred Dollar Bill Throwing Star Out Of Ammunition Shot Multiple Times Stabbed In The Neck Riding A Motorcycle Switchblade Cowgirl Sex Position Lying On A Bear Skin Rug Child Hostage Pillow Talk Elementary School Chalk Outline Driving On A Dirt Road Chanting Reference To Tonto Horseback Riding Breaking A Windshield Stuffed In A Car Trunk Woman Fights A Woman Women's Prison Boeing 727 Learjet 35 Blowing A Bubble Gum Bubble Neck Breaking Feather Tarantula Crawling On A Woman's Body Target Shooting Talking To The Camera Robot Tarantula Jogging Jumping Jacks Splitting An Arrow Spear Throwing Impaled By A Spear Hatchet Decapitated Katana Gong Impaled Through The Head Cave Laser Cannon Severed Head Blonde Woman Brunette Woman Disintegration Bullet Dodging Female Police Officer Police Eye Gouging Strong Woman Athletic Athletic Woman Female Fighter Amazon Woman Female Muscle White Panties Blue Panties Blue Bra Woman Wears A Bra And Panties Thong American Friend Women Evil Villainess Stabbed In The Throat Jeep Death Of Brother Murder Of A Police Officer Newspaper Headline Archery Bald Man Revenge Revolver Police Officer Hospital Hostage Airplane Whip Karate Horse Mud Shot In The Chest Classroom Knife Kiss Axe Decapitation Explosion B Movie Turned Into A Monster Monster Deal With The Devil Low Budget Film Bar Cigarette Smoking Cowboy Hat Perrier Water Pepsi Shower Independent Film

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