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The Sorcerers

  • NR
  • 1967-06-25
  • 01:27:00
7/ 10
41 votes

Horror, Science Fiction

In London, the merchant Mike Roscoe and his girlfriend Nicole go to a nightclub to dance. When they meet their friend Alan, he dances with Nicole while Mike goes to a nearby bar. Meanwhile, the hypnotist Prof. Marcus Monserrat has developed a piece of equipment for controlling minds and decides to seek out a guinea pig on the streets to test the device. He meets Mike in the bar and invites him home, where he introduces his wife Estelle Monserrat to the youngster.

They test the system on Mike, controlling his mind and sharing his feelings. However the wicked Estelle enjoys the sensation and decides to use Mike in evil acts, and Marcus is incapable to control his wife. What will Estelle do with Mike and will Marcus succeed in stopping his deranged wife?