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The Ultimate Degenerate


Maria is in the city, bored with her lover Tammy. An exhibitionist, she answers an ad in the "New York Review of Sex." She's invited to a house in Vermont, owned by an eccentric named Spencer, a man who likes to watch. Maria goes, seeking thrills. She meets women who spend their days rehearsing for shows staged for Spencer. He has a concoction of aphrodisiacs, and the women are happy to take the drugs and play - with each other, for the camera, in front of Spencer, and with Boris, Spencer's assistant who runs the household. Maria throws herself into the games. Which person will prove to be the ultimate degenerate?


Not just standard sexploitation fare.

From the ever dependable Michael Findlay comes this 72 minute exercise in sadism and perversion. Uta Erickson stars as Maria Curtis, bored with her life despite her regular routine of "putting on a show" for a neighbour. She answers a personal ad, and takes off to become part of a troupe of girls that similarly "put on shows" for demented, crippled sicko Spencer (who's played by director Findlay). They're required to indulge in all manner of freakish activities, and the other girls mostly take it in stride. Maria, however, begins to wonder what she's gotten herself into.

Lots of oddities and some really good moments

Starts out as if this is going to be one of Findlay's better efforts and certainly the performances are bright enough and the voice over/lip sync works well enough, this just loses it about two thirds through. I don't know whether it was the umpteenth use of whipped cream or the over enthusiastic use of corn on the cob, but after being fairly well paced and well shot with decent sexy action, this treads water as if everyone had run out of ideas or possibly a certain someone had a penchant for the aforementioned activities and wanted nothing else. It's a shame because the first use of the cream being spurted over the nude psychedelic dancers is most effective as was the initial dealings with the phallic vegetable. Lots of oddities and some really good moments just spoiled by the over indulgent final quarter or so.

It's interesting what Findlay does with this one. It's extremely trashy, of course, with a great deal of the required nudity and sex for this genre. Performances are adequate all the way down the line. Findlay himself delivers a crazy eyed performance; Erickson is reasonably engaging in the lead. It's also quite intriguing to see Earl Hindman here in the supporting role of Spencers' scheming right hand man Bruno. In later years, Hindman became quite recognizable for his roles on 'Ryan's Hope' and 'Home Improvement', and almost assuredly tried to forget that he ever appeared in this sort of thing. The ladies are good sports, given what's required of them. Findlay shoots all of this in the most stark manner possible, with very striking black & white cinematography by Findlay's wife / filmmaking partner Roberta. It's almost like a combination of a grindhouse and an art house film. The action builds to an incredibly surreal and haunting finish, complete with madness and murder.

Fans of the Something Weird catalogue will want to give this one a look.

The Ultimate Degenerate

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