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Wanted: Dead or Alive

  • R
  • 1987-01-16
  • 01:44:00
6/ 10
5138 votes

Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Nick Randall (Rutger Hauer) is a Los Angeles-based bounty hunter and ex-CIA operative who is asked by a former co-worker to help track down terrorist Malak Al-Rahim (Gene Simmons), who bombed a movie theatre and later planned to release gas from a chemical plant similar to the Bhopal disaster. However, Al-Rahim is also looking for Randall, and Randall's employers tell him where to find him. This results in the death of his best friend, Sergeant Danny Quintz (William Russ), and his girlfriend Terry (Mel Harris), eventually forcing a showdown on the waterfront.

In the end, Randall brings out Al-Rahim handcuffed with a grenade jammed in his mouth. Randall explains to his bosses that they should send his payment to Quintz's family and he will keep the extra bonus for bringing him in alive. As he starts to leave, he says, "fuck the bonus" and pulls out the grenade pin. Al-Rahim's head is blown off and his decapitated body falls to the ground.